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Ideation for Confluence

Fuel innovation and Streamline the ideation process inside Confluence

Available on Cloud and Data Center 

Why Ideation for Confluence?

Drive innovation

Speed up the ideation process from idea collection all the way to evaluation and implementation

Foster team collaboration

Get your teams to collaborate and share ideas within a unified ideation hub

Empower your teams

Place your teams at the heart of the ideation process and help them turn ideas into actions

Never miss out on your teams most impactful ideas

Brilliant ideas can be lost in endless email threads, countless spreadsheets, long intranet streams and crowded meeting rooms. Rather than relying on outdated idea collection processes, take a more collaborative, bottom-up approach to turn thoughts into concrete ideas inside Confluence

Idea creation & collection made easy

The ideation app helps you turn idea management from a tricky and time consuming process to a rather simple and fun one. Using a host of pre-defined templates, you can easily create, share, sponsor and vote for ideas.

Ideation workflows tailored to your needs

Speed up the ideation process from idea collection all the way to evaluation and implementation. And because different teams have different processes, you can leverage the built-in worklfow builder to personalize your ideation processes.


Intuitive Idea pages

Leverage a collection of dedicated macros to create and manage ideas

Custom workflows

Define the relationships between various idea statutes and manage transitions throughout the ideation process

Idea challenges

Encourage open participation and get your teams to share and pick ideas within a competitive environment

Votes & sponsorships

Sponsor and vote for your favorite ideas directly within idea pages

Idea dashboards

Get all the relevant information about ideas, contributors, voters, sponsors and more within centralized idea dashboards

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Ideation for Confluence