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Our Mission

We help teams get the best out of their Atlassian products

A little background story

Vectors started as a small yet ambitious LAB project under Spectrum Groupe, a leading consultancy firm specialized in Atlassian products among a host of other technologies.

At the beginning, the project only included a handful of software developers who shared the same passion, enthusiasm and belief in their work. After years of ups and downs, the team was able to deliver leading apps in Atlassian Marketplace such as Glossary, Ideation and Content Formatting.

Fastforward to 2022, the team has grown in size, became fully autonomous and able to follow its own journey. This has led to the creation of Vectors which is a Spin-off from Spectrum Groupe. The idea behind our work was, and still is, making apps on both Confluence and Jira to help teams improve their day-to-day and work better together.

Our Values

At Vectors, our values and ideals drive our teams forward, influence key decisions we make and keep us on track to achieve our goals.

We put people first

Great apps are a reflection of great teams. This is why we encourage personal growth and lay the foundation for an open, transparent and inclusive work environment

We believe in teamwork

Wonderful things can be achieved through teamwork, collaboration and different opinions. And as the saying goes: "Strength lies in differences not in similarities"

We iterate for success

Success isn't achievable overnight. We always seek feedback from our teams and clients to help us pinpoint mistakes and work on improvements

We like having fun also...

A fun and open work environmnent keeps us motivated, breeds creativity and drive us to go the extra mile

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Our Mission