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How migrating to Atlassian cloud can help you optimize your IT budget

How Migrating to Atlassian Cloud Can Help Optimize your IT Budget

Ever since Atlassian’s decision to discontinue their server offerings, we have seen a surge in Atlassian Cloud migrations, and of course,
What is Jira Service Management

A Guide to Jira Service Management – Atlassian’s Take on ITSM

Jira Service Management is Atlassian’s gateway to the IT Service Management world. In this guide, we will uncover all details about
Jira Dashboard Guide

Your Beginner’s Guide to Jira Dashboards

As project management continues to evolve and become more automated, Jira has emerged as a versatile platform designed to help teams
Introducing the Latest Release of FAQ for Confluence Cloud

Introducing the Latest Release of FAQ for Confluence Cloud

FAQ for Confluence has been one of our leading apps in Atlassian Marketplace. The app is primarily designed to turn Confluence
Content Status Management in Confluence

Tips & Best Practices for Effective Content status Management in Confluence

Working and collaborating on a variety of pages within Confluence is what we all do on a daily basis. However, when
Jira issues

Beginner’s Guide to Jira Issues: Issues Types and How to Get Started

If you’re involved in agile project management, it’s likely that you use Jira or might use it in the near future
Tips to better manage Confluence spaces

5 Tips to Better Manage and Organize your Confluence Space

Having the right tools in place such as Confluence is an important first step to foster collaboration and enhance knowledge sharing
5 Buit-in Confluence Macros for Project Managers

How to Leverage Confluence Built-in Macros for Project Management

Managing projects is a process that requires teams to collaborate on an ongoing basis using a combination of tools such as

Glossary for Confluence 2.0: The Reboot You’ve Been Waiting For

Many support tickets and reviews we have received for Glossary over the last couple of months went something like this:”We kinda

How to Get Started with Jira Employee Onboarding Template

As a new employee, walking into a new office or starting your first day at a new job remotely can be
How to build an employee onboarding hub in Confluence

How to Build an Employee Onboarding Hub in Confluence

Employee onboarding is perhaps one of the most critical challenges facing businesses today. Doing it right breeds a well informed and
How to foster collaboration and knowledge sharing with Confluence

How to Foster Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing with Confluence

Everything that starts with the word knowledge in the workplace (be it knowledge management, sharing, culture) is both the aim and
An introduction to Jira reports

A Beginner Guide to Jira Reports

If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it. This is perhaps the quote that I have been hearing the most
Everything you need to know about Content Formatting for Confluence cloud

Content Formatting for Confluence: Benefits & How to Get Started

Content Formatting is one of Vectors’ earliest and most popular apps for Confluence. Over the years, the app has significantly grown
Atlassian cloud migration myths (2)

Debunking 7 Common Myths about Atlassian Cloud Migration

Making the switch to Atlassian Cloud is a decision that many customers have been considering lately. This is mainly due to
Glossary 2.0

Introducing Glossary Cloud 2.0: A revamped UX and a fresh new look

We are excited to announce the general availability of Glossary for Confluence latest release on cloud. For the last couple of
2022 year in review:

2022 year in review: A major rebrand, new releases and goals for next year

With 2022 coming to its end, we thought it would be a good idea if we can relive some of the
Common Jira concepts and key terms to help you get started

Jira Concepts and Key Terms to Get You Started

I remember when I first joined Vectors, I was kind of overwhelmed with everything going on within Jira. Not that the
Things to consider before migrating to Atlassian Cloud

5 Questions to Consider Before Migrating to Atlassian Cloud

Migrating to Atlassian cloud is a decision that many businesses have been considering lately. Atlassian’s decision to move away from server
7 Steps to drive Confluence adoption

7 Steps to Drive Confluence Adoption

When introducing Confluence  to their organization, project leaders and decision makers often fall into the trap of buying Confluence and expecting
How to generate, collect and manage ideas in Confluence

How to generate, collect and manage ideas in Confluence with Ideation

In today’s highly crowded and competitive markets, the capacity of businesses to innovate is key to gain a competitive advantage and
How to engage your communities with Discussion for Confluence

How to Engage your Communities with Discussion for Confluence

Creating a healthy work environment where teams can come together, communicate, collaborate and discuss ideas is without a doubt a top

Comparing Atlassian Cloud & Data Center

Upon starting your journey with Atlassian, there are a lot of things to take into consideration ranging from the obvious to

5 Tips to build and customize Wikis in Confluence

If you have opted to implement Confluence as your main intranet, collaboration hub or knowledge base, chances are creating and managing

How to Create and Manage FAQ Hubs in Confluence

FAQ for Confluence is part of Vectors’ collection of knowledge management apps. The app is designed to help teams build FAQ
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How Migrating to Atlassian Cloud Can Help Optimize your IT Budget