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Unmasking Differences between Jira Software and Jira Work Management

Jira Work Management and Jira Software

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Jira Software is a popular project management tool by Atlassian. It’s widely adopted by users for its agile approach to project management and tracking. However, with the introduction of Jira Work Management (JWM), Jira Users were a bit confused as to how this new tool differs from its counterpart, Jira Software. 

In this article, we will strive to clearly understand the distinct use cases, features, and benefits of both JWM and Jira Software. 

This article will serve to help you in making an informed decision on the project management needs of your team and ultimately choose the right tool. 

 Jira Software- agile-focused project management

Jira Software is a versatile tool that empowers software development teams in planning, tracking, and releasing software efficiently. Agile boards, including Kanban and Scrum formats, visualize work, assignments, and progress, facilitating team collaboration. 

Jira Software Templates

Sprint planning assists in organizing tasks over specific periods, typically two to four weeks, ensuring teams stay on track. Additionally, burndown charts provide visual representations of remaining work, aiding teams in monitoring progress and identifying potential bottlenecks.

Jira Software Sprint Planning

Jira Work Management- Built for Business Teams

Jira Work Management is a more general-purpose project management tool. Teams of all sizes and types can use it regardless of their field of work. 

JWM Templates

It offers a range of features, such as task management, timelines, and resource planning. So, you can track and manage any type of project. Jira Work Management is also more affordable than Jira Software, making it a good option for teams on a budget.

Jira Work Management Board View

Comparing Features 

Jira Software and Jira Work Management naturally offer diverse features tailored to cater to the different requirements of their respective user groups.

Here is a table that compares the key features of both tools:

FeatureJira Software Jira Work Management
Tailored Templates
Board and Timeline views
Custom Fields
Integration with Other Atlassian Tools 
Agile Methodology (Scrum and Kanban)
Customization and FlexibilityMore Limited (Unified Experience for Software & DevOps Teams)More Flexible (Used by Different Teams: Marketing, HR, Finance, etc)

Check out this article by Atlassian to learn more about 👇

“How does Jira Work Management differ from Jira Software?”

Jira Software is an ideal match for agile-oriented development teams. It can also be used by teams that are working on large, complex software projects that require advanced features.

Whilst, Jira Work Management is a good option for teams that are working on projects that require a more general-purpose project management tool. It is also a good option for teams that are on a budget and that do not require the advanced features offered by Jira Software. 

In fact, Jira Software follows an agile approach to detail issue types. Whereas, JWM uses a simpler way to categorize issues. In Jira Work Management, an issue is either a Task or a sub-task.

A task represents work to be completed. While a Sub-task is a smaller component of a more complex task issue.

👉Learn more about Jira Issue types in This Article

Merge for Power: Harnessing Both Tools for Better!

For certain organizations, leveraging both Jira Software and Jira Work Management can be a powerful approach. Teams with hybrid requirements can use Jira Software for software development projects and JWM for other non-technical initiatives. This combination ensures that each team has access to the best-fit tool for their specific needs.

The integration of Jira Work Management with Jira Software enhances team collaboration. For example, the marketing team can remain aligned with the product’s development and delivery progress, ensuring all teams are aligned with the project’s roadmap.

What’s new for each tool? 

Atlassian strives to always surprise us with new features and improvements in their products. Of course, this also includes both Jira Software and Jira Work Management.  Both tools are regularly updated with new features and functionality. These updates may include new reporting and analytics features, as well as integrations with other tools. 

Staying up-to-date with the latest updates will help you get the most out of both tools.

Check out this YouTube video by Atlassian to learn more about latest feature updates July 2023 for Jira Work Management. 👇

You can also check out the Jira Software Cloud Roadmap to learn about all types of feature updates: released, coming soon , and planned for future release.

 Cloud Roadmap for new released  features

Jira Software and Jira Work Management are both powerful project management tools with distinct features, benefits, and use cases. Jira Software caters to agile-focused software development teams, while Jira Work Management offers flexibility for diverse teams and projects. By understanding your team’s specific needs and project requirements, you can make an informed decision about which tool aligns best with your objectives.

Whether you choose Jira Software, Jira Work Management, or a combination of both, Atlassian’s suite of tools provides an excellent platform for successful project management and collaboration.

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Unmasking Differences between Jira Software and Jira Work Management