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Introducing the Latest Release of FAQ for Confluence Cloud

Introducing the Latest Release of FAQ for Confluence Cloud

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FAQ for Confluence Cloud has been one of our leading apps in Atlassian Marketplace. The app is primarily designed to turn Confluence spaces and pages into interactive and content-rich FAQ hubs. Over the last couple of months, our teams have been collecting feedback and looking for ways to build on the existing capabilities of FAQ for Confluence. And…well the final product is here.

As of today, we are happy to announce the general availability of the FAQ cloud latest release. This release comes with new features and improvements in terms of design and performance.

Now without further ado, let’s explore this new release.

What’s new?

  • A rich text editor with attachment and links

For this latest release, we have added a couple of additions to the text editor. 

Let’s start with images. Upon adding your answer, you can include images either by a direct upload or copying the image address. You can adjust the image size, include an ALT text and choose where to position the image among a host of other formatting options.

Add iamges to FAQ answers

Additionally, you can add additional information and references to your answers through internal or external links. Click on the “Link” icon, paste the link and choose the text to display. You can also choose whether to display the page in a new window.

Include internal and external links in FAQs

  • Advanced global search

Perhaps one of the most important aspects when dealing with FAQs in Confluence is search. At the end of the day, FAQs are created to make life easier for users which makes finding them quickly of the utmost importance.

We have combined FAQ with Confluence’s advanced search function. Two new filtering options have been added including question and category. 

FAQ global search

This way, upon entering the advanced search menu or entering your search query, you can fine tune results based on these two types for quick and easy access.

  • Share FAQs externally with anonymous access

The latest release of the FAQ app allows anonymous users to access your FAQ pages. Simply put an anonymous Confluence user is basically anyone who normally wouldn’t have permissions to access Confluence (they don’t have an account or are simply  not logged in).

This feature comes in handy in case you want to share your FAQ pages with external users such as prospects, clients, job candidates and more.

You can manage anonymous access at both the global and space levels. First activate anonymous access at your confluence instance. 

Global anonymous settings for FAQ

Then, navigate to any given space and enable/disable anonymous access. For example, if you would like your FAQ to be public for a specific period of time, you can activate anonymous access and then disable it later. 

Space anonymous settings for FAQ for Confluence Cloud

What’s next?

This latest release of FAQ for Confluence is just the appetizer for a series of even more ambitious releases. Our teams have been collecting feedback and working to bring you a revamped user experience (UX), user interface (UI) and a host of new features that will elevate your FAQ management to new heights.

Get started with FAQ for Confluence Cloud

The new release of FAQ for Confluence Cloud is available now in Atlassian Marketplace.

👉 To find out more, make sure to visit the documentation or reach out for a personalized demo. 

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Introducing the Latest Release of FAQ for Confluence Cloud