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Introducing Glossary Cloud 2.0: A revamped UX and a fresh new look

Glossary 2.0

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We are excited to announce the general availability of Glossary for Confluence latest release on cloud. For the last couple of months, our team has been studying usage patterns, collecting feedback and looking for ways to build on the existing capabilities of the Glossary app. 

This new release is a significant step forward as we have been able to revamp the app’s UX and UI,  introduce new features and improve performance and security.

In this blog post, we will walk through the new changes and help you get started using this new version.

Now without further ado, let’s jump into it!

A new look & feel

For this new release, the old user interface (in place for the last couple of releases now) has been ditched in favor of a modern and more visually appealing design. We based our new UI on simplicity and accessibility putting forward important information that our users need to get started. Main interfaces such as the glossary dashboard, glossary main view and letter pages got a new makeover as you can see in the screenshots below.  

At the end of the day, we know that beauty is at the eye of the beholder. Try the app yourself and let us know what you think of this new user interface.

A new and simplified user experience

  • First time use

In terms of user experience, the focus has been placed on first-time use. We wanted to make the process of creating glossaries for the first time as easy and straightforward as possible. Let’s walk through the process of creating your first glossary.

Empty state new interface
  • Upon installing the app, you can directly access Glossary from the space left navigation menu. 
  • As you are yet to create any glossaries, you will land on an empty state interface where you can get started.
  • Click “+ Add new glossary”, then specify the glossary title along with the language.
Create glossary
Create glossary
  • Click Create.
  • Visualizing and creating glossaries and terms

In prior versions, once you create a glossary, you will be redirected to a glossary main view where you can only visualize and create glossaries. 

With this new release, we have reworked the interface allowing you easy access to both glossaries and terms at once.

At the top of the view, you have two options: Terms and languages.

Glossary dashboard
Glossary dashboard
  • The “Languages”  view gives you all the glossaries created within your space per language. The glossaries are presented as cards containing information such as the language, number of terms and active letters.
  • The “Terms” view on the other hand, allows you to visualize all terms across all of your space’s glossaries. All active letters are presented on the left side of the view allowing you quick access to terms per letter.
  • Create terms: The latest addition is the possibility to create terms directly from the main view. Click Create > terms > specify the glossary you wish to add the term to > enter the term, definition and metadata > Create.
  • Search terms: You can search terms directly from the main view by entering the term or just a part of it.

Performance enhancements

In addition to UX and UI changes, we have also focused on improving performance and responsiveness. Following some requests shared by our customers, we have identified and rectified performance issues. The new version is significantly faster when performing both basic and complex actions.

What’s next?

For upcoming releases of the Glossary app on cloud, the aim is to build on this new UX and UI by further revamping other inetrfaces such as the letter pages, terms pages and so on.

Additionally, we will closely work with our community to collect feedback and try to rectify any bugs or malfunctions.

Get started with Glossary for Confluence Cloud

The new release of Glossary for Confluence cloud is available now in Atlassian Marketplace. To find out more, make sure to visit the documentation or each out for a personalized demo.  

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Introducing Glossary Cloud 2.0: A revamped UX and a fresh new look