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2022 year in review: A major rebrand, new releases and goals for next year

2022 year in review:

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With 2022 coming to its end, we thought it would be a good idea if we can relive some of the moments and milestones we have reached this year and look ahead for more challenging adventures.

But first, a big thank you to the growing Vectors community. Without your continuous trust and support, nothing would have been possible.

Major news and milestones

Spectrum Lab gives way to Vectors

November 9 marked the birth and official launch of Vectors. The team responsible for developing and marketing our apps in Atlassian marketplace has become its own entity under the newly created VECTORS brand. 

This move marked a new beginning for our young and ambitious team in its journey to deliver high-quality apps for both Confluence and Jira. It also reflects our strong belief in our ability to grow along with our community and reach new heights.

The first and most obvious question is “why?”. SPECTRUM as a brand has defined what we do, and what we’re known for, for almost a decade. But, for the last couple of years, our team has grown in size and become fully autonomous. We believe that now is the right time to get a fresh new look as we ready ourselves for new exciting adventures.

Additionally, this move will enable us to concentrate our resources on research and development, scale our team, and eventually enhance both our offerings and customer support.

Although Vectors marks the beginning of our solo career, the idea behind our work was and still is, making apps on both Confluence and Jira to help teams improve their day-to-day and work better together.

A year of steady growth

In 2022 we have been able to solidify our position within the Atlassian ecosystem by reaching new markets. 

Our focus on app diversification and continuous work on Atlassian cloud allowed us to become an Atlassian Silver Marketplace partner. Next year we would like to build on this by becoming a Gold and why not a Platinum Marketplace partner.

“I am very happy that Vectors has been recognized by Atlassian.
I would like to thank our partners for their trust, cooperation and support as well as our entire Lab team for their excellent work and daily involvement, without you this could not have been possible!
An additional mark of commitment on our part to Atlassian!
The next step is ours:  Gold Marketplace Partner ! “
Melek Jebnoun – Vectors Manager

New features and releases

2022 was a year filled with exciting new features and releases for our major apps. On the one hand, our product team focused its efforts on fixing bugs, improving existing features and reaching full feature parity between the three hosting options: Cloud, Data Center and server. On the other hand, new features have been introduced inline with our customers’ needs.

  • Glossary for Confluence

We have brought significant changes to the Glossary app both on Data Center and Cloud. The latest Server and Data Center release covered administrative functions as well as the overall user experience. On the cloud version, we have started working on the UX and UI, to give Glossary a fresh new look and a simpler yet more intuitive experience.

To check out more please refer to the documentation.

  • Ideation for Confluence

For the Ideation app, the team worked on a host of new features while optimizing existing ones. Perhaps the most anticipated feature was “Custom Workflows” introduced in early 2022. The brand new workflow builder is designed to develop fully customizable ideation campaigns, define the relationships between various idea statutes, and manage transitions. Other additions for the Ideation app include custom fields, UX and UI enhancements and more.

To check out more, please refer to the documentation.

  • Content Forùmatting for Confluence

Significant changes have been brought to Content Formatting for Confluence. Our main focus has been feature parity as the cloud version didn’t include a host of macros already available on Data Center and Server. The team worked extensively to provide the same number (and especially quality) of macros as DC and Server. This will help our customers to easily migrate their data and enjoy an overall similar experience in case they decide to switch. 

The focus on cloud didn’t mean we completely forgot about the app on Data Center and Server. To the contrary, the team worked on a new “anchors” macro designed to link specific sections of a Confluence page with Spectrum’s tabulation macros (tabs, horizontal and vertical navigation). This allows users to make content easier to find and enhance general navigation and the overall user experience.

To check out more, please refer to the documentation.

What’s next?

Having finished 2022 on a high, our aim is to build on what we have already achieved and explore new adventures. 

  • As was the case this year, we will continue to optimize our cloud apps in order to reach full feature parity across all hosting options. 
  • We will continue innovating and introducing new releases to existing apps. In 2023, we want to further include our growing community in decisions regarding new features and enhancements.
  • We will work on new partnerships with solution and marketplace partners to reach more markets and further strengthen our position as a Marketplace partner.
  • Work has already begun to explore new app ideas for both Confluence and Jira to satisfy the growing demand on Atlassian Marketplace and offer our community a more holistic suite of apps.

2022 was a year filled with highs and lows but it will certainly remain a year to remember for our team. And let’s hope it will be the start for greater things down the line. Before we finish, we would like to thank our community, customers, subscribers and readers for making 2022 such an awesome year. Nothing would have been possible without you.

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2022 year in review: A major rebrand, new releases and goals for next year