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Onepage Project Tracking for Jira

Keep track of projects and take data-driven decisions in Jira

Available on Data Center 

Why Onepage Project Tracking for Jira?

Centralize project information

Visualize all key project information and data in one place, leading to effective communication, better collaboration and enhanced decision making.

Make decisions based on real-time data

Increase effciency and help project leaders take informed and data-driven decisions

Empower and align your teams

Promote partipcation and align your project teams around common project goals & objectives

Everything you need to run your projects effectively in Jira

Developed around simplicity, intuitiveness and ease of navigation, OnePage is the ultimate tracking tool to help your teams track and drive their projects in Jira

Dashboards suitable to your needs

OnePage is built on three main layers: Templates, widgets and items. The app is designed to address multiple types of projects and specific use cases. This is why the emphasis has been placed on customization to help you build dashboards according to your needs and preferences.

Intuitive data presentation and visualization

OnePage templates are structured in a way that makes it easy for users to find key project info in one place without the need for constant toggling between third party apps and platforms.


Project templates

Leverage a set of pre-defined templates designed for a variety of use cases, or start your own from scratch.

Project widgets

Fill your templates with widgets containing a host of info and data about your project.

Project items

Fill your widgets with pre-configured items (Project status, health, budget, workload…) to contextualize and personalize your projects.

List view

Get an overview of all your projects along with key information.

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Onepage Project Tracking for Jira