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Glossary for Confluence

Create, manage and integrate terms & definitions within unified glossaries

Available on Cloud and Data Center

Why Glossary for Confluence?

Promote a shared understanding

Align your teams around a shared business vocabularly

Make terms and definitions readily available

Save your teams time by centralizing terms and definitions in one location

Facilitate employee onboarding

Help new comers get familiar with the new job and get proficient quickly

Build a content-rich glossary without the hassle

The glossary app comes equipped with a large array of features designed to make glossary creation a simple yet rich process

Simple to create... Even simpler to manage

Create an unlimited number of terms within centralized and multilingual glossaries. Leverage the advanced content engine to easily edit terms and fill your glossaries with rich media content including images, videos and more.

Highlight terms across Confluence

The Glossary app is seamlessly integrated within you Confluence spaces. You can highlight terms and add definitions directly within spaces allowing your teams to stay informed


Term & definition management

Fill your glossaries with terms, relevant metadata (synonyms, abbreviations) and rich media content


Create and find terms directly within Confluence pages

Unified search

Leverage the powerful search engine to quickly locate and classify glossaries and terms

Multi-language support

The Glossary app supports over 20 languages

Import & export

Import and export terms to/from CSV, Excel and JSON files

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Glossary for Confluence