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FAQ for Confluence

Build and manage FAQ pages inside Confluence

Available on Cloud and Data Center

Why FAQ for Confluence?

Centralize questions and answers in one place

Involve your team in the FAQ creation process through feedback, rates and suggestions

Keep your teams informed and engaged

Eliminate any misunderstandings, communicate timely information and save your teams time

Grow a rich knowledge base through timely feedback

Enrich your FAQ pages by collecting feedback and suggestions from your teams

Finding answers to your questions has never been easier

Equipped with a combination of built-in macros and social features, the FAQ app makes creating questions and answers a rather straightforward process. The app deals with a variety of use cases and can be tailored to fit the needs of multiple teams.

Create and manage categories, questions and answers

List questions & answers displayed by categories. Easily navigate FAQ pages thanks to an intuitive design and advanced search and filtering options (by category, content and label).

Visualize FAQs in one place

Leverage the content rich FAQ dashboard to search, visualize and access FAQ pages, keep track of important statistics and discover the latest updates.


FAQ pages

Create content rich FAQ pages with a host of dedicated and built-in macros

FAQ dashboard

Visualize shared questions and keep track of the latest updates and statistics

Topics and categories

Classify questions by topics and categories to make them easier to access

Unified search

Leverage the powerful search engine to quickly locate questions and answers

Feedback and suggestions

Involve your team in the FAQ creation process through feedback, rates and suggestions

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FAQ for Confluence