Discussion for Confluence

Build interactive discussions forums inside Confluence

Available on Cloud and Data Center

Why Discussion for Confluence?

Promote and facilitate company wide discussions

Instore a knowledge-sharing culture where teams can easily share their voice, participate in discussion forums, and provide feedback

Streamline internal communications

Help your teams collaborate, communicate with each other and brainstorm on ideas

Track engagement and measure your teams' pulse

Learn which discussions are gaining traction within your communities through tailored dashboards

Transform your Confluence spaces into interactive discussions forums

The discussion app gives your teams the ability to initiate and contribute to discussions directly within Confluence thanks to its content-rich discussion pages and advanced social features.

Content-rich discussion pages

Create content-rich discussion pages where your teams can initiate and post discussions classified by categories. Advanced social features allow participants to discuss and share topics, contribute with comments, leave feedback, and more.

Centralize discussions within community forums

Navigate and find discussions per space within one centralized dashboard. Visualize and track key metrics including discussion’s status, likes, views, feedback , categories, and more.


Discussion pages

Build, customize and share discussion pages per space filled with pre-defined macros

Discussion categories

Classify discussions into topics and categories to make them easier to access and digest

Discussion status

Associate discussions with default statutes such as new, in progress and resolved or create your own from sratch

Discussion forums & dashboards

Get an overview of all your discussions within both list and timeline views along with key statistics including views, contributors, votes, comments and more

Unifed search

Instantly locate and access discussions across all spaces with the integrated search function